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Books by Author Carlos Samaniego

The IRS Nightmare: How They Can Crush Your Financial Dreams Overnight

While the world paused during the pandemic, so did the IRS. But make no mistake, that break is over.

They've clocked back in, hungrier than ever, ready to recover every dollar owed. The IRS has blasted out a clear message:

And they’re not just talking. Millions of “IRS Levy Notices” have already hit mailboxes across the country.

If you haven’t seen one yet, you might soon.

These notices aren't just paper threats but real, immediate dangers to your financial well-being.

They are back on the hunt, focusing on money owed and unfiled tax returns.

They’re not just after your money but your peace of mind.

They can snatch your wages, drain your bank account, seize your retirement nest egg, and even place liens on your home.

And if that’s not enough, they might lock you up to ensure their message is crystal clear.

Imagine this: You're out to dinner, you hand over your card, and bam—declined. Why? Because the IRS has vacuumed up every last cent. Your money? Gone. And that’s just the start. Next thing you know, your boss is awkwardly telling you about your wages being garnished. That little secret you tried to keep? It’s out in the open now.

Every day, the phone rings with new horror stories. “Carlos, the IRS has hijacked my paycheck!” or “The State of California(CaliClaw is my nickname for them) swiped my savings!” These aren't just complaints; they are cries for help from people staring down financial ruin.

And what do I tell them? “The IRS got what they claimed was theirs. But now let’s fight to reclaim what’s rightfully yours.”

Carlos Samaniego – The Go-To Guy When Fear Strikes - He’s been seen on TV nationwide, PBS specials about him, best-selling author, and most importantly, your protector!

I stand with you against the IRS and the State, shielding your life and the lifestyle you've fought hard to build.

These agencies won’t stop.

They’ll keep coming, letter after letter, each one a ticking bomb set to destroy your financial stability.

They hardly ever give back what they take. So, we need to move fast. Your window to act might be closing, and you might have just days left.

Act Now Before It’s Too Late

Stop living in fear and secrecy. End their relentless chase. Here’s how you can fight back:

Don’t wait for the next scary letter to arrive.

Reach out now, and let’s start your fight back against the IRS and secure your financial freedom!

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Attention: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed: The IRS has made a huge initiative in 2020 to go after business owners who have: Unfiled tax returns, owe 941 payroll taxes, or have large balances due. The IRS can go after your vendors for past tax debt you may owe and you could lose your state license due to past due to tax debts

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