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The IRS is The Most Brutal Collection Agency on The Planet!

Tax Problems? Paranoid? Should Be!

The IRS has enormous power. They can take your wages, your bank account, your retirement, even your home. And sometimes they send people to jail just to send a message.

Few things are more devastating than having your bank card declined, only to find that the IRS has emptied your account. They’ve cleaned out your bank accounts to recover their money from you. You’re broke. Flat busted. No way to recoup what is now gone forever*

Then there’s the humiliating embarrassment when your employer pulls you aside and tells you that the IRS will be garnishing your wages for the next several months …or years. You wonder how you’re going to pay your rent or mortgage, your other bills. Your secret is out.

So many people call me and say, “Carlos, the IRS is taking my paycheck!” or “The State of California, Franchise Tax Board, took my money!”

They are desperate to get it back and to stop any further attempts to get more.

Unfortunately, the first thing I have to remind them of is, “No, the money they took is not yours. The IRS took their money. You owed it. Remember, everybody will do what it takes to get their money.”

Then I tell them, “Let’s see how I can help!”

Carlos Samaniego - the guy to call when you’re scared!

Carlos Samaniego

I’m the guy that stops the IRS and State from destroying your life and the lifestyle you’re working hard to achieve.

When the IRS or the State of California starts sending you letters, they are NOT going to stop until they get every penny they are owed.

The IRS does not send idle threats. Every letter is a ticking timebomb - a PROMISE that they are coming for their money.

The IRS absolutely NEVER gives back the money* they take so it’s always best to take action before they’ve emptied your accounts.

That’s why you MUST call me the instant you get a letter so I can take immediate action. The sooner we act, the more likely they are to negotiate, we “may” be able to get your money back, and the safer your bank accounts will be.

Attention: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed: The IRS has made a huge initiative in 2020 to go after business owners who have: Unfiled tax returns, owe 941 payroll taxes, or have large balances due. The IRS can go after your vendors for past tax debt you may owe and you could lose your state license due to past due to tax debts.

If you are tired of being scared, living in fear, living in secrecy and want to get the Government off your back. You can download our free report below or reach out to us today:

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Tax Resoluton Services

+Filing Back Taxes

Our friendly and responsive staff takes the pain out of filing your back tax returns.

+IRS Tax Audit Assistance

We specialize in all forms of tax problem resolution with an emphasis on IRS audit representation.

+Stop a Wage Levy

We have extensive experience mediating between taxpayers and the IRS.

+Solve Payroll Tax Problems

We can work directly with the IRS to initiate a payment plan like an offer in compromise or installment agreement.

+Release an IRS Tax Lien

The IRS has started offering a special program to make it easier for taxpayers to get their tax liens released.

Carlos Samaniego

Hi, I'm Carlos Samaniego, EA

I’ve been exactly where you Are. I went 8 years without filing my own taxes and owed the IRS thousands of dollars. I understand exactly what your dealing with because I have been there. I even wrote a book talking about my story and you can buy it on Amazon. I know where you’re stuck, and I know exactly how to help you move forward.

I'd like to give you my report, "5 Questions To Ask Any Tax Firm Before Paying Them A Dime." It's FREE and will teach you the 3-Easy Steps that can solve any tax problem you might have.

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