Meet The Team

Carlos Samaniego EA

Carlos Samaniego EA NTPI Fellow® - Founder of Tax Debt Consultants

Carlos is the Founder of Tax Debt Consultants, LLC. He is and the author of How to Make The IRS An Offer They Can't Refuse.

As an Enrolled Agent, Carlos is also an NTPI Fellow®. This is an elite group of professionals with significant expertise in representing taxpayers before the IRS.

He has spent the last 19 years helping clients and customers all over the country get out of financial trouble and problems with the IRS.

Carlos is a highly sought-after Speaker and has traveled extensively across the country teaching, speaking, and helping small businesses, professionals, and consumers with their tax problems. You can also hear him and his acclaimed guests giving wise tax advice on his podcast, Tax Debt Consultant Podcast and on his YouTube channel.

His dedication to helping clients from every walk of life has earned him 2020 Tax Professional of the Year Award!

Elizabeth Samaniego - COO

Elizabeth Samaniego - COO - Chief Operations Officer

Elizabeth Samaniego is the woman behind Tax Debt Consultants. She married founder, Carlos Samaniego after he came clean about his tax problems. Elizabeth has always been a support to Carlos, and she inspired him to create the company to help other people who have tax problems.

When you decide to work with us she will make sure you have everything you need to get started. Elizabeth will be one of your primary points of contact. She is a California Licensed Tax Practioner, but most importantly, she's an amazing mom and wife.

Michael Sullivan

Ernie Matision EA, CPA

My name is Ernie Mattison. Yeah, that is me hanging out with my buddy and former client, Carlos Samaniego, EA. You may have heard Carlos tell you the story about how he didn’t file his tax returns for years and how I helped him solve his tax problems. Isn't it interesting now Carlos and I, fight the IRS together!

But here is something different about me.

Don’t hate me for this! Yes. I was an IRS agent for almost 10 years. That is right, I was an Internal Revenue Service Field Auditor. I was even a trainer and supervisor of many agents in California.

How is this now a good thing I know their secrets? In fact, I taught them the secrets they use to come after you! I was telling my client Carlos one day, “…most of the time at audits, I am teaching the IRS agents the law they have to follow.

They really don’t like it when they see us now representing my tax clients. They know they have their work cut out! So, If you are having problems with the IRS, wouldn't you like to have us in your corner? The one person that worked at the Internal Revenue Service as a Field Auditor for over 10 years and with over 30+ years of representing taxpayers before the IRS. I know their tricks better than most of them!

Manuel Azcorra

Manuel J. Azcorra, EA, PA LIA

Manuel is a distinguished Public Accountant who obtained his degree in Accounting from the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas campus Tampico in Mexico in 1999. He is also an authorized Enrolled Agent by the US Department of Treasury and a NTPI Fellow candidate.

Early in his career, Manuel worked in the department of Treasury of the city of Altamira in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico to pursue his passion for accounting, taxation, and representation. With years of experience in the field, Manuel is highly knowledgeable, respected, and skilled in his practice.

He is a self-motivated, honest, responsible, and confident professional with a collaborative and positive attitude towards his clients. He is always willing to learn and provide the best solutions to their needs.

Manuel has assisted clients from various industries such as manufacturing, auto and truck detailing, restaurants, contractors, moving and transportation, advertising and marketing, machine shops, funeral homes, insurance agents, M. D.s, and wholesale and retail sales. His practice provides comprehensive services including bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning, tax preparation, tax representation, life insurance, and consulting services for individuals and businesses.

In addition to being fluent in English and Spanish, Manuel has a love for dance, soccer, and traveling. His dedication to his clients and his passion for his work make him an invaluable asset to the team at The Tax Resolution Guys.

Pete Kici

Pete Kici EA

Pete Kici is a proud veteran of the Marine Corps and a celebrated tax specialist with over 25 years of experience in the fields of taxes, finance, sales, marketing, recruiting, and account management.

Hailing from central Florida at 63 years old, his expertise in these various disciplines has made him a successful professional who is always striving to exceed expectations. He also instills strong communication skills and emphasizes customer service in order to build a strong network of satisfied customers.

With eight grandchildren, he understands the importance of having an established family unit that supports one another. On top of being an excellent professional and family man, Pete is committed to delivering quality results with his diligent eye for detail and tireless work ethic – two traits that were prominently honed during his time serving the Marine Corps. Pete works in our Orlando, Florida Office

Jenero Jordan

Jenero Jordan - Tax Accountant

Tax Guru | Business Advisor | Financial Maestro

Jenero Jordan is a dynamic professional passionate about empowering individuals and small businesses. With expertise in tax services, payroll management, and financial analysis, Jenero delivers exceptional results. Jenero goes beyond traditional financial services by actively assisting small businesses with planning, budgeting, and forecasting on a continuous basis. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and a creative problem-solving mindset, Jenero helps businesses envision their future success and develop strategies to achieve it. By offering expert guidance and innovative solutions, Jenero has established enduring partnerships built on trust and mutual growth.

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