Disclaimer: Relationship of Personnel with Tax Debt Consultants LLC

Please be advised that some of the individuals who perform services on behalf of Tax Debt Consultants LLC may be independent contractors and not employees of Tax Debt Consultants LLC. As independent contractors, they operate independently and are not under the direct supervision or control of Tax Debt Consultants LLC. Tax Debt Consultants LLC does not direct the methods, means, or manner by which the independent contractors perform their duties. Any opinions, views, or representations made by these independent contractors do not necessarily reflect those of Tax Debt Consultants LLC.

Tax Debt Consultants LLC is not responsible for and disclaims all liability for the actions, representations, or any damages or other legal claims brought about as a result of the actions of these independent contractors. Any inquiries or complaints regarding their services should be directed to the individual contractor in question.

By using the services of Tax Debt Consultants LLC, you acknowledge and understand the nature of the relationship between Tax Debt Consultants LLC and its independent contractors and agree to hold Tax Debt Consultants LLC harmless from any and all claims arising out of or related to the actions or omissions of these independent contractors.