About Carlos Samaniego EA

The Guy to Call When You're Scared!

Carlos Samaniego suffered through his own tax problems and not filing taxes for over 8 years. He was in trouble with the IRS, but now he wants to help people with the same problems.

Carlos Samaniego

Carlos, the founder of Tax Debt Consultants, LLC is a local Redlands tax consulting and resolution firm with a great reputation for integrity and a passion for helping people with IRS problems. Carlos has been in business since 2003, and he's seen it all -- from clients facing wage garnishment to liens on homes, bank levies and business being shutdown.

His firm has already saved tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes by negotiating settlements with the IRS instead of letting them take over his client’s life through aggressive collection tactics like levies or wage garnishments.

Carlos is a highly respected, knowledgeable Enrolled Agent, who is licensed by the Department of Treasury(IRS). Carlos founded Tax Debt Consultants LLC with an emphasis on giving back to the community and helping people through his work solve their most pressing tax problems.

He is a highly sought-after speaker who has traveled extensively across the country teaching, speaking, and helping small businesses, professionals, and consumers with their tax problems.

You can also hear him on his acclaimed podcast giving wise tax advice to clients from every walk of life.

His dedication to helping clients from every walk of life has earned him the 2020 Tax Professional of the Year award.

If you have a letter from the IRS. If you are afraid the IRS is about to pounce. If you are losing sleep:

  • Over Unpaid Back Taxes?
  • Do You Have Unfiled Tax Returns?
  • Need Stop A Wage Garnishment?
  • Do You Have A Payroll Tax Problem?
  • Need an IRS Tax Lien Released?

CALL Carlos NOW! Do not let the first words be, “I wish I had called you sooner!”

If you need help getting the IRS off your back, if you’ve got a pile of letters and live in fear every day, then contact Carlos today, and let him help you before it’s too late!

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